How to make a Paper Bag

Tired of saying ‘no’ at the grocery store counters, shops to plastic bags. What if I

tell you, it’s simple and easy to make paper bags at your home. All it takes is to

dust your old newspapers that were lying in the cupboard for months.

Making homemade paper bags is easy and quick. We need very few materials

which are readily available in our homes. It is an eco-friendly solution and a simple

fix for you to go to zero waste.

You can spend a good bonding time with your kids by showing them how to use

old journals, newspapers, or school notes for making paper bags. It also allows

them to understand the environmentally friendly alternative, but how to use the

unused items in the home better.

List of things that you need to make free of cost paper bags.

  • Old newspapers / Journals.
  • Glue / Fevicol
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Scale
  • Ropes or ribbons that you get from old bags.
  • Ballpoint pen/divider for making holes.
  • Crafts, laces, ribbons, for decoration (Optional)


Step 1 -

Take an entire sheet of newspaper and spread it on the table and stick them into

one page by applying glue. This gives stiffness to the paper.

Step 2 -

Take a scale, mark 3 inches on one side of the paper, and fold the paper of it. Now,

take the opposite side and stick to the 3-inch sides with the help of glue. This

leaves you two-sided open for top and bottom.

Step 3 -

To the bottom of the paper (one of the open sides), take 5 inches and fold the

paper. Open in between and fold both the corners in a triangle. Fold the up and

bottom parts in a rectangle. Apply glue to the triangle part and attach the rectangle

part. The bottom part is ready with this.

Step 4 -

Now, fold 2 inches on the two corners of the sides. Open from the front end and

adjust it as a bag from the top inside.

Step 5 -

Take a small part of the newspaper and cut it into 4 rectangles of the same size.

Now take 2 rectangles and apply glue and do so for the remaining 2 rectangles too.

Attach one rectangular sheet at the top middle, from the inside of the bag and

attach the remaining rectangular sheet to the other side of the bag (This brings the

stiffness while making a hole)

Step 6 -

Make two holes using the ballpen and insert the rope through the holes and knot at

both the ends and do the same on the other side. Make sure your knot is tight and


Step 7 -

You can paint or decorate with laces or ribbons or paper crafts to make your bag

beautiful and eye-catching!

Now that the bag is ready, you can show some love by taking it everywhere.