Onlinepaperbag, a Uttarakhand based company from the foothills of the Himalayas, is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of biodegradable, eco-friendly, and premium quality paper bags at affordable prices around the globe.

Acknowledging the need for shopping bags and their depletion due to the danger of the ecosystem polluted by plastic, paper bags have taken shape as they are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and safer to use.

We do provide a wide variety of paper bags which comprise white, brown, and plain paper bags, fashionable and trendy paper bags, fancy paper bags, gift paper bags, designer paper bags, brand carrying paper bags, apparel paper bags, and many more.

With our extensive range of customized, personalized, and handmade paper bags, we provide modern designs serving every purpose like jewelry, mobile, apparel, medical, pharmacy, shoes, bags, groceries, opticals, school brochures, exhibitions, boutiques, food, wedding celebrations, and events.

We are well equipped with an infrastructural facility for the smooth and efficient functioning of our organization. Also, we have well-trained, qualified staff to monitor the entire process with care. With our cutting edge technology, we give our customers innovative solutions that are hassle-free.

We believe human touch is required for many items. Being into a designer, customized paper products, we do bear in mind the intricate specifics of our clients and hence we believe in the potential of our handcrafted people. They are quick enough to know the specifics and their ability to make precise improvements in the designs necessary to get us accolades from our clients.

We have a dedicated Research and Development team who are consistently working to provide our customers with our best business practices and unique groundbreaking innovative solutions, leaving no stone outside. Our benchmark solutions help our clients make them stand apart, projecting themselves as a brand.

We want to put the best out of our workforce with our happy-go learning work culture. This helped our employees work passionately, offering their full commitment to quick learning and bringing their creativity to provide innovative solutions and products of higher quality.

we make biodegradable, eco-friendly, customized paper bags, designer paper bags, personalized gift and more.


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Complete Projects


Complete Projects


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Why Onlinepaperbag?

Core values

1. Customer First

We believe that every customer has a unique requirement and our passion lies in fulfilling those expectations, satisfying their individual needs with our tailored designer products, and building them into brands. Read more

2. Deliver beyond expectations

We understand and recognize our client’s minute needs and achieve to deliver them beyond their expectations. We help them succeed in becoming a brand. Read more

3. Creativity Experts

We are a young and dynamic team that brings creative and stimulating ideas to the table. We actively support, learn, and develop from each other as a team. We are paving the way for our employees as they build for us. Read more

4. Happy workplace

We believe that happiness inspires productivity and creativity. We have a happy workplace, where people enjoy working and learn from each other.

5. Environmentally Friendly,

As an organization, we are socially and environmentally conscious, embracing creativity in the design of products and fulfilling our client’s needs.

6. Sustainable growth

We believe in the planned development of sustainable business strategies and work to ensure the growth of our business, clients, and staff.


What people Say

Arvind Gumber - Managing Director

have been an avid promoter of paper over plastic, and I have always been keen on saving mother nature. It was great to associate with online paper bags that believe in the same vision as mine. Our every need h…

Aniket Wagh - Managing Director

We are key mechanical manufacturers and produce products of the highest quality. We have grown into a brand with their innovative branding strategies offered by their young and creative team.

Manmeet - Managing Director

Being a competitive international school, Delhi Public Schools (DPS) has top-notch requirements. Our entire needs have been taken care of by Onlinepaperbags right from the beginning of our school. They have al…

Manjeet Singh - Managing Director

When it comes to service, I completely trust Onlinepaperbags, as I love the way they treat us with dignity, despite being in the same industry. Using their handmade paper bags that served as a brand, our reven…

Happy Gulati - Managing Director

We share a personal bond with Onlinepaperbags, as they understand our unique requirements and help us expand our customer base tremendously with their customized designs and we hope our relationship grows into…

Our Ideology:

We have become stronger as a company along with our family.

Be a game changer for Start-ups

It all started by intending to make eco-friendly customized paper products and be a game-changer for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and businesses that need our products. We help them in not only achieving an increase in the footfall of their customers, but also boosting their revenue, and building them into brands.

Believe to challenge

The dire need for the world's number one consumer product, shopping bags that do irreparable harm to our environment with their plastic essence. We at Onlinepaperbags, realizing this, focused on making the necessary efforts to restore it in our subtle ways.

At Onlinepaperbags, we make biodegradable, eco-friendly, customized paper bags, designer paper bags, personalized gift paper bags, and other paper bags with sheer quality and consistency.

Give back to society

We always wish to contribute back to society in every possible way we can. Understanding that responsibility is never given, it’s always taken. As we are into the Customized Paper Bag manufacturing industry, we thought why not do something which is in our hands?

Realizing our society’s untapped potential, we have taken the responsibility for society by adopting our unique “Earn while you learn” initiative. Here, we teach different segments of people “How to make paper bags?” We teach them the process, raw materials required and how to set up at an affordable price and this lets them set up their own business. In our special way, we wish to contribute back to society.

Aspirations with agility

With every passing year, we have won the trust of our employees, our community members. Our clientele base has expanded through different sectors who have admired our work and believed in us and are now part of our family within a short period.